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Top Notch Pet Spa, LLC.

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All our grooming services include a massaging bath, haircut, ears cleaned and plucked, nails buffed and anal gland expression. Also comes with a bow or bandanna and cologne.

Price varies



All our bathing services include a massaging bath, ears cleaned, nails buffed and anal gland expression. There's also a bow or bandanna and doggy cologne. 

Price varies



For those extra hairy shedders we offer a deshedding service that removes dead undercoat without damage to the top coat. Price $15-35 and bath price

Spa Packages


Our most popular package! With the Rub-A-Dub your poochie will get a shampoo and conditioner that fits their needs and a tooth treatment to reduce odor and plaque.

Price $15 plus groom or bath price 

Tooth Care


We offer several spa packages for the care of your pets teeth. Our ability to keep our pets teeth healthy can actually increase their lifespan! 

Price $7-17 

Kitty Grooming


We offer grooming to all kinds of pets, including kitties. Cats are special creatures and require special care. Even though cats technically groom themselves doesn't mean they don't need help every once in a while. 

Price varies